Essay of the Month Colloquium

The Society’s primary activity is an ongoing monthly online colloquium. On the first business day of each month, an essay by one of the Society’s members will be posted on the Forums, which are only accessible to members, and a notice sent out by email to the membership. The membership will read the essay and engage in discussion of it in the forum for that month. At the end of the month, discussion of that month’s essay will be closed, and the essay for the next month will be posted. There will be a new essay for every month of the year (though the essay for January will be posted during the second week of the month instead of at the beginning of the month). If there aren’t enough submissions for each month, we will simply leave those months empty on the schedule.

Call for Papers

Submissions for the online colloquium will be reviewed four times during the year, when three essays will be selected, one for each of the following three months. If your essay is not selected, please feel free to submit it again during the next cycle.

The deadlines for the four cycles will be:

  • January 31 (for March, April, and May)
  • April 31 (for June, July, and August)
  • July 31 (for September, October, and November)
  • October 31 (for December, January, and February)

Please send submissions to and include “Colloquium Submission” in the title of the email. The submission should be a complete essay. There are no length requirements or restrictions, but keep in mind that preference will be shown to essays that are more likely to be read in full by the membership.

Submissions should, in some way, seek philosophically to engage, develop, or apply some aspect of the Reformed theological tradition, broadly construed. If in doubt about whether your essay does this, feel free to submit it in any case; the reviewers will simply show a preference for essays which clearly do engage some aspect of the Reformed theological tradition.

Colloquium Schedule

Current and upcoming colloquium presentations:

  • January 2021:
  • February 2021:
  • March 2021:

Past colloquium presentations:

  • (None at this time.)

Sessions at the Meetings of Other Societies

The Society is interested in sponsoring sessions or panels at the meetings of other societies, especially other Christian philosophical societies like the Society of Christian Philosophers, the Evangelical Philosophical Society, and the Baptist Association of Philosophy Teachers. If any members are interested in organizing such a panel, please contact the leadership of the Society or post your interest on the forum designated for that purpose.

Forum Discussions

Members are also welcome to use the discussion forums to have philosophical discussions, post work in progress and invite feedback, coordinate conference attendance, or for other purposes related to the function of the Society.